Wrestling Legend Saves Woman From Car Accident

(USNewsMag.com) – A car accident victim in the Sunshine State did not expect to receive help from a famous pro wrestler when her car flipped over on a highway on Jan. 14, but that’s exactly what happened last Sunday in a bizarre story that turned the legendary wrestling star into a real-life hero.

In a report from TMZ on Monday, Jan. 15, they revealed that the night before, legendary pro wrestler turned politician Hulk Hogan and one of his friends rushed onto the scene of a car accident to help the victim out of her turned-over vehicle. According to witnesses, the woman swerved off the road while driving through Clearwater, Florida, causing her car to take a somersault onto its head until it ground to a halt. Hogan was reportedly driving right behind the woman.

The 70-year-old former wrestler and a fellow passenger, Jake Rask (a US Marine), stopped their vehicle and jumped out to see if they could help the driver. Witnesses said that Hogan and his friend helped pry open the car door on the driver’s side, punctured the deployed airbag, helped the woman unbuckle her seatbelt, and then pulled her from the wreckage.

Sky Daily, Hogan’s wife, posted about the incident on Instagram the next morning and praised her husband. She said they saw the car flip right in front of them while on their way home from dinner in Tampa. Daily said she truly admires her husband and their friend Rask “for springing into action.” She reported that the young woman appeared “unscathed” but was visibly “rattled” from the experience, calling it “an absolute miracle.”

In a statement from Linda Bose, a representative for Hogan, she said it was “typical” of the former wrestling star, who she said “has a big heart.”

A few weeks before the incident, Hogan made the headlines after he was baptized and declared “total surrender” to Jesus Christ in a profession of faith. Over the last few years, Hogan has become more open about his Christian faith, and his recent actions certainly demonstrate that he’s following its values.

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