White House Calls Trump Fundraiser Comments ‘Fascist’ Rhetoric

(USNewsMag.com) – Former President Donald Trump held a spring resort for the Republican National Committee last weekend and, as expected, made remarks that have provoked his political opponents. This time, the Former president told his closest donors and potential running mates that they were facing a “Gestapo administration.”

The comparison of Biden’s administration to the Nazi-era German secret police immediately sparked backlash from Democrats, with the White House condemning the remarks as “fascist rhetoric.” They accused Trump of dividing America and promoting “conspiracy theories,” while claiming President Joe Biden is “bringing the American people together.”

Trump argues that the Justice Department and other parts of the Biden administration, including intelligence agencies, have been weaponized against him similar to a secret police force. He said the Democrats are doing this to him because “it’s the only thing they have” and because they are convinced “it’s the only way” to win, but that he believes “it’s actually killing them.” The former president added that he is not bothered by the attacks on him.

The comments came while Trump was on break from the ongoing hush money trial in New York, and days after the judge held him in contempt of court, accusing Trump of violating his gag order with public comments about the case.

The remark also reiterates the previous comparisons the former president has made between the radical left and Nazism about the Israel-Hamas war, claiming most of the modern-day Nazism comes from the antisemitic views of many pro-Palestinian leftwing activists. He made the remarks when asked about the protests on university campuses, which erupted over the last month following Congress’s approval of a foreign aid bill that would provide more money to Israel.

CEO of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Amy Spitalnick rebuked the former president for his remarks, and said such comparisons were “always wrong, offensive, and despicable.” She said it was “especially heinous” to accuse others of Nazism in order to promote a “bigoted, authoritarian agenda.”

One of Trump’s rumored running mate prospects, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, defended the remark and said it wasn’t “central” to what Trump was speaking of. Burgum claimed most Americans feel the legal actions against Trump are motivated by his political opponents in the Democratic Party.

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