VP Harris Uses Florida Abortion Ban to Slam Trump

(USNewsMag.com) – After traveling to Florida on May 1st, Vice President Kamala Harris used the state’s abortion law, which went into effect the same day, to criticize former President Donald Trump.

While speaking at a campaign event, Harris repeatedly tried to tie the state’s six-week ban on most abortions to Trump, whom she mentioned 21 times. During her speech, Harris claimed that a second Trump administration means “more bans, more suffering, less freedom” for women across the country. Harris stated that women will not allow that to happen because women will “fight to protect their most fundamental freedom.”

Harris placed the blame on Trump for the Supreme Court’s 2022 vote overturning Roe v. Wade and for abortion bans that some states, including Florida, have enacted since then.

Harris claimed that as of May 1st, when the state’s new abortion ban took effect, the 4 million women who live in Florida have “fewer reproductive freedoms than they had last night.” She added that the state’s new abortion ban is “so extreme” and that many women do not “even know they are pregnant” at six weeks. She said that means “the extremists who wrote this ban” do not care or “know how a woman’s body works.”

Harris noted that some abortion bans can be used to threaten medical providers with criminal prosecution.

During her speech, Harris claimed she and President Joe Biden have a different view on abortion than Trump, adding that “the government should never come between a woman and her doctor.”

According to a Biden campaign official, her mentioning Trump was the most she has talked about the former president at a campaign event so far this year.

Her speech comes as the Biden campaign continues its strategy of placing blame on Trump for abortion restrictions across the country. On April 23rd, Biden visited Tampa, where he also attempted to tie Trump to the state’s new abortion ban. In a May 1st comment, Biden said Trump is the “one person responsible” for Florida’s abortion ban, which he called one of the “most extreme abortion bans in the country.”

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