Victim of a Slip and Fall? Here’s What You Need to Do

Victim of a Slip and Fall? Here's What You Need to Do

Did You Slip And Fall Recently? You May Be Eligible For Compensation

( – Accidents happen when you least expect them. However, if you happen to be a victim of a slip and fall and it’s not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation. There are important steps to take immediately following the accident, though. It’s important to gather all of the relevant information and hire a qualified attorney who can help you navigate the litigation.

Slip and fall accidents typically qualify under premises liability, which determines if the incident was a result of a property owner’s negligence. If they’re deemed responsible, you can receive a settlement that covers any time you miss from work, medical bills and in some cases, pain and suffering if the injury is extensive.

Take Immediate Action

The first thing to do after a slip and fall is visit a doctor. If the injuries are critical, such as a suspected broken or dislocated bone, go straight to the emergency room. It’s important to make sure the incident and subsequent injuries are documented. Keep all medical documents because, should your attorney decide you have a case, the documents become evidence. The best way to keep track of all paperwork pertaining to the case is to store it all in one place, such as an envelope, binder or folder.

Report the Accident

There are two ways to report the accident, depending on where it happens. If you’re injured in a place of business or someone’s home, the property owner should make a detailed report and sign the account of events. Get a copy of the report and keep it with your medical documents as well.

Other things to keep in mind: were there any witnesses to the accident? If so, get their contact information so authorities and/or legal advocates can reach out to them for a detailed account of events.

Take pictures of the location of the accident. If there’s a hole in a sidewalk, for example, document it with pictures from varying angles, so you can prove where it took place. Additionally, some experts recommend keeping the clothes you were wearing as evidence. All of these items will help with proving fault, which is a key component for receiving monetary compensation.

Contact an Attorney

While you can file litigation against someone yourself, it’s always a good idea to hire a qualified attorney. For slip and fall accidents, you’ll want one that specializes in personal injury claims. Not only can he or she determine if you have a valid case, they can subpoena the owner and witnesses to provide testimony should the case go to trial. Many attorneys won’t take a case if they don’t feel you can win, and some won’t even accept payment upfront, but rather take a percentage of the ultimate settlement.

Hopefully, you’ll never have the need for a personal attorney due to a slip and fall, but if you experience this unfortunate event, you’ll know what to do.

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