U.S. Ceasefire Resolution Backed by U.N. Security Council

(USNewsMag.com) – The United Nations (UN) Security Council recently voted in favor of a U.S. resolution in support of a ceasefire between Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Out of 15 members of the U.N. Security Council, Russia abstained from voting while 14 others voted in support of the resolution drafted by the U.S. government. The resolution lays out the necessary conditions and plans to reach a “full and complete ceasefire” in the ongoing war, which includes releasing the remaining hostages in Hamas captivity, returning the remains of dead hostages to grieving families, and an exchange of prisoners in Israeli custody.

The resolution states that the Israeli government has already agreed to the U.S.-drafted ceasefire proposal and urges Hamas leaders to also agree to it. President Joe Biden unveiled the three-part plan on Friday, May 31st, in a televised statement at the White House and said “Hamas needs to take the deal.”

Biden’s proposal was based on a lengthier one submitted by the Israeli government to the U.S., Egypt, and Qatar. That proposal wasn’t made public, and it’s unclear how much it differs from the one put forward by Biden.

The resolution’s approval comes shortly after a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, U.S. State Secretary Antony Blinken, and other foreign leaders to discuss a ceasefire deal and generate support for it. Hours before the Security Council vote, Blinken said that if a ceasefire is truly desired, then Hamas must be pressed “to say yes” to the proposal.

On Monday, Hamas leaders released a statement “welcoming” the U.N. resolution and said many parts of the plan are to their liking. They emphasized that the ceasefire must be permanent, and demanded the release of Palestinian prisoners, and a complete withdrawal of IDF forces from the Gaza Strip. The group said they are standing by for negotiations and are ready to cooperate with foreign mediators.

The plan will be done in phases, ending with a major reconstruction of Gaza after Israel’s counter-offensive operations have destroyed much of its cities, displacing hundreds of thousands and killing over 37,000.

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