Tucker Carlson Slams House GOP for ‘Rewarding’ FBI

(USNewsMag.com) – Ever since Congress approved plans for a new Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) headquarters, critics have blasted House Speaker Mike Johnson for catering to the agency. Among those critics is America’s most famous journalist, Tucker Carlson, who accused House Republicans of rewarding the FBI.

Carlson recently held an interview with Tristan Leavitt, an attorney who once served on the Merit Systems Protection Board and president of Empower Oversight. Last year, Leavitt and three FBI whistleblowers testified before Congress about the weaponization of the FBI against the American people. Leavitt shared documents showing that the agency probed for those who supported former President Donald Trump and those who rejected the vaccine mandates during the pandemic.

During his interview with Leavitt, the former Fox News anchor blasted GOP members of the House of Representatives for funding a new FBI headquarters, accusing them of “rewarding” the government agency. Carlson called the move “baffling” because even with a GOP majority in the House and a Republican speaker, and documents indicating “that supporting a Republican for president” could result in the revocation of an agent’s security clearance, they are still refunding the FBI “and allocated hundreds of millions of dollars” for a new headquarters.

Carlson said Republicans are paying “a secret police organization” that is “dedicated to destroying” them. According to Carlson, the FBI in its current form as it is being used against Americans is “antithetical to freedom.”

Leavitt said he believes the revealed documents will “be the tipping point” to convince more in Congress to resist the FBI by overhauling its current personnel. The whistleblower also emphasized that how security clearance is determined within the agency is based on political allegiance.

Carlson then brought up Jan. 6, 2021, and said that “on one level,” the events that played out that day were “a hoax.” He called “the response” to that day “one of the most corrupt things” to ever happen “in our lifetimes” and in American history. Here, Carlson refers to how the government and media use the events at the Capitol against Trump, including accusing the former president of “insurrection.”

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