Trump Urges Workers Union To Get Rid Of This Man!

( – Former President Donald Trump had a bold message for the United Auto Workers (UAW) union this week: they should get rid of their president for officially endorsing President Joe Biden for re-election and vote for Trump instead.

In response to the news that the president of UAW Shawn Fain threw his lot in with Biden, Trump posted a harsh rebuke on his Truth Social page. The former president told the union to “get rid of [that] dope” and to vote for him instead of Biden, promising to bring back the automobile industry to America.

Trump said he “had the great privilege” of seeing Fain on the CBS morning show “Face the Nation,” which Trump mockingly referred to as “DeFace the Nation.” He then called Fain a “stiff” and accused him of selling out the automobile industry to China. Trump noted that “55% of the industry” already left the country and said the rest will soon follow if he’s not restored to the White House.

The former president said Fain “bought into Biden’s ‘vision’” to move toward using only electric vehicles. He said such cars require “fewer workers to make,” are in far less demand by consumers, and that most would be manufactured in China. These factors would not lead to job growth.

Although Trump’s been promising to win over some long-time Democratic Party union endorsements, Fain rejected a request to speak with the former president last year and accused Trump of serving “the billionaire class” and that he’s “what’s wrong” with America. The UAW president instead kept up his alliance with the Biden administration and is now officially endorsing the president for re-election.

Fain appeared on MSNBC on Tuesday, Jan. 30, and responded to Trump’s remarks by doubling down on his support for the president, who he said has a better track record than Trump when it comes to union support. Fain said Biden supports the working class while Trump only pretends, dismissing Trump’s efforts to appear at a union workers strike rally last year as a public relations stunt.

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