Trump Teases Potential Rally in New York

( – Former President Trump may be hosting hometown rallies in the Big Apple, according to a recent interview on Fox News.

On Sunday, February 4th, the former president appeared on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures” and teased two possible New York City rallies, one in the South Bronx and one at the famous Madison Square Garden (MSG) in Manhattan.

Host Maria Bartiromo asked the former president if he could flip blue states like New Jersey and New York. She also noted that rumors abounded at the end of last year that Trump was planning a South Bronx rally, to which he replied that he thinks he “will do that” and then also announced plans to host a rally at MSG.

Trump then answered the initial question of whether or not he thinks his campaign has a chance to flip blue states, noting how much New York has changed “in the last two years.” Trump mentioned rising crime rates, and the illegal immigration crisis, stating that “migrants” are “all over the streets,” including Madison Avenue. The former president said New Yorkers “are angry” and can’t believe what’s happened to their city, including people who “would have never” voted for him because he’s a Republican. He believes many of these disaffected voters will vote for him.

The former president said that he also believes New Jersey could also be flipped, as well as Virginia, New Mexico, and Minnesota.

Trump is a native New Yorker and has contributed several high-rises to the city’s skyline throughout his life. He’s also currently engaged in a legal battle there with the state’s attorney general, who’s accusing him of fraud in a case Trump says is politically motivated.

The former president’s remarks come as New York City Mayor Eric Adams continues to struggle with handling the immigration crisis. Adams recently announced a pilot program that will allocate $53 million of taxpayer funds toward prepaid debit cards for immigrants sheltered in the city. Such moves may prove Trump right, as residents grow more and more frustrated with the stain placed on city resources by new arrivals who recently entered the US from across the southern border.

Over 150,000 border crossers have arrived in the Big Apple since Spring 2022.

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