Trump Shares Hidden Consequences of Legal Battles

( – Former President Donald Trump recently revealed that one of the consequences of his trial and subsequent conviction has been its heavy emotional toll on his wife.

On Thursday, May 30th, a Manhattan jury convicted Trump in New York on all 34 counts against him for the falsification of business records to cover up his alleged affairs in 2016 before that year’s presidential election.

A few days after that verdict, Trump appeared on “Fox & Friends Weekend” for an interview to discuss the trial and verdict, his campaign, and other topics. While discussing the trial, Trump mentioned the impact it’s had on his wife, former First Lady Melania Trump.

Trump said his wife is “fine” although he thinks the trial and verdict have been “very hard for her.” The former president said that “in many ways,” the situation is “tougher” on his family than it is on himself. When asked about the possibility of going to jail, Trump said he would be “OK with it” and would not beg or sacrifice his dignity. Despite his stoic stance, he also warned that it “would be tough for the public to take” and that a “breaking point” may result among the American people if the former president is put under house arrest or locked up.

The verdict makes Trump the first former president in American history to be convicted of a felony. Trump Maintains that the trial was a “scam” and rigged against him, particularly by Judge Juan Merchan who he believes is biased in favor of the prosecution and has a bone to pick with him to help the Democratic Party.

The former president said his “revenge” will be “success” — that is, a victory in the polls in November and reclaiming his old job. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for Thursday, July 11th, only a few days before the Republican National Convention where Trump is set to be officially declared the GOP nominee. Trump, who will appeal last week’s verdict, still faces three other criminal cases, which will likely not be resolved until after the election.

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