Trump Makes Shocking Admission About Using AI

( – Former President Donald Trump recently revealed that he used artificial intelligence (AI) to rewrite one of his speeches and then suggested that the technology may eventually replace speechwriters entirely.

On Thursday, June 13, Trump appeared on the podcast “Impaulsive,” hosted by social media influencer and entrepreneur Logan Paul and co-hosted by author Mike Majlak. During that roughly hour-long conversation, the former president spoke about AI and how powerful the technology has become.

“What [AI] does is crazy,” the former president said, adding that it could also now “be really used for good.” Trump then confessed that he “had a speech rewritten” by one of his “top people” who used AI to alter his words in 15 seconds. Trump said the new version was “written so beautifully” that he decided to use it, and he had “never seen anything like” what the AI was able to produce so quickly.

Trump’s current speechwriter is Vince Haley, and when Majlak asked what Trump said to Haley after using the AI-altered speech, the former president looked into the camera and jokingly told Haley he was “fired.”

Continuing on a serious note, the former president said the speed of AI impressed him, although it was “a little bit scary.” He also said he believes the speechwriting industry is one that “will be gone” in the future due to technological advancement.

During his first term, Trump pushed for federal funding for research and development of AI systems, signing the American AI Initiative in 2019. Congress has also been deliberating on how to further AI research while also implementing regulations and safeguards against potential abuse of the technology for fraud, misinformation, election inference, and other concerns.

Last year, a group of tech leaders and scientists published and signed an open letter urging developers to enact a temporary pause in AI development until proper safeguards against risk are implemented. The letter also raised concerns about the dramatic impact and likely negative consequences AI could have on the future economy and various industries.

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