Trump Co-conspirator Tracked Down and Served at His Own Birthday Party

( – Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes revealed that former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani shot himself in the foot by appearing on podcasts and livestreams, which helped prosecutors serve the former Trump lawyer an indictment in Palm Beach, Florida while celebrating his 80th birthday.

On Monday, May 20th Mayes appeared on CNN and told anchor Kaitlan Collins that the attorney general’s office tried for several weeks to serve Giuliani “on multiple occasions” and using “multiple ways” before finally catching up with him at his birthday bash. The Arizona Attorney General explained that he believes the former New York mayor “knows how this works” and that even while podcasting, using social media, and being relatively “easy to locate,” Giuliani declined all service and managed to dodge agents over an extended period.

Collins asked Mayers for clarification about whether or not the Arizona Attorney General viewed Giuliani’s livestreams and podcast to “figure out where he was,” to which Mayes replied, “That’s correct.”

Mayes said they mainly used the former Trump attorney’s livestreams to locate him, which wasn’t difficult, and that they decided to serve him “after his birthday party… was winding down.” Agents were able to serve Giuliani the papers as he left the residence, which he took before entering a vehicle. Mayes said Giuliani may have been “a little bit surprised,” but he expected the indictment to be taken seriously and for Giuliani to appear in court the following day.

Mayes dismissed claims by Giuliani that he did not know agents were looking to serve him and that he gave them his location beforehand. The Arizona Attorney General said it was “hard to believe” Giuliani wasn’t aware they were looking for him after the “number of times and different ways” employed to try and serve him.

Giuliani did show up to court. He and 10 others were arraigned the following day, on Tuesday, May 21st. All of them pleaded not guilty to charges alleging a conspiracy to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

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