Trump Claims Legal Troubles Are a Setup

( – Former President Donald Trump is now blaming President Joe Biden directly for his ongoing “legal issues,” which he says were “set up” by the president and the Democratic Party and constitute a “new form of cheating.”

The former president made the remarks on Thursday, Jan. 11, in a press conference on 40 Wall St. at one of Trump’s properties in Manhattan, New York City, after the delivery of closing arguments in his New York civil fraud trial launched by Attorney General Letitia James against him and two of his sons. James, whom Trump called a “political hack,” claims that the former president and his sons inflated the value of properties in order to deceive banks and insurance companies.

Trump has denied all wrongdoing and maintains he is innocent, dismissing the case as another “witch hunt” by the Democrats to keep him from returning to the White House. The former president said the truth is the opposite of the accusations and that his assets were undervalued rather than inflated.

The former president said the trial “should never have happened” and was “sponsored by the Democrats.” He also mentioned the federal case against him for allegedly mishandling classified documents after leaving office and the case accusing him of inspiring an insurrection on January 6, 2021. Trump was in court twice the week of his remarks, once for James’ case and also in Washington, D.C., to appeal the federal cases, arguing he has presidential immunity from those charges.

Trump said that “every one” of his legal issues, both “civil and criminal,” were “all set up” by Biden. He added that the current situation has “never happened” before in the history of the US.

Ultimately, Trump believes the legal attacks on him are a “new form of cheating” during an election season by Biden and the Democratic Party, and also that he should be paid for what they put him through.

As the Iowa caucus kicks off, and despite the multiple indictments and attempts to remove him from state ballots, Trump remains the frontrunner for the Republican nomination.

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