Trump Booed and Heckled at Libertarian Convention

( – Audience members greeted former President Donald Trump with boos and insults as he took the stage for his May 25th speech at the Libertarian Party National Convention.

While his supporters tried to cheer and chant “USA! USA!” as he took the stage, many in the crowd shouted at him for his policies during the pandemic and his political record.

Trump joked about the four criminal indictments he’s facing, saying he’s “a Libertarian now.” He called the Libertarians “fierce champions of freedom,” adding President Joe Biden is a “tyrant.” However, some audience members screamed back at Trump, “That’s you.”

The insults caused Trump to say to the crowd, asking if they want to win or “keep getting your 3% every four years,” referring to Libertarian candidates who tend to receive around 3 percent of the vote nationally in presidential elections.

Trump attempted “to extend a hand of friendship” to those in the crowd, as some chanted “We want Trump!” from supporters, while others chanted “End the Fed!”

Trump pledged to include a Libertarian in his Cabinet and promised to commute Ross Ulbricht’s life sentence, the convicted founder of the drug-selling website Silk Road.

During Trump’s speech, security had to remove an audience member with a sign that said, “No wannabe dictators!”

Trump’s invitation to the convention divided the Libertarian Party, which prioritizes small government and individual freedoms. Trump was not the only presidential candidate to speak at the convention, as Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gave a speech on May 24th. During his speech, Kennedy accused Biden and Trump of trampling on personal liberties during the pandemic.

On May 26th, a delegate nominated Kennedy, who was then eliminated in the first round of voting after receiving the support from 19 delegates. Trump was also nominated on the convention floor. However, Libertarian Party Chair Angela McArdle disqualified Trump as he did not submit nomination papers. After seven rounds of voting, Chase Oliver won the Libertarian Party presidential nomination.

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