Texas Governor Claims Mayor Adams Should Sue Biden Instead Of Bus Companies

(USNewsMag.com) – In a continuing feud between the Lone Star State governor and the mayor of the Big Apple, Texas Gov, Greg Abbott slammed New York City Eric Adams for suing 17 transportation and charter bus companies participating in moving immigrants from Texas into New York.

After the Big Apple filed a lawsuit for over $708 million against multiple transportation and bus companies, Abbott made an appearance on Fox News and responded to the case by predicting Adams would “lose badly” when it goes to court. Abbott told host Shannon Bream that the lawsuit “is completely legally baseless.”

According to Abbott, the “specific reason” that Adams would “lose very badly” is because all of the immigrants sent to New York via bus or airplane were “already authorized” by the president and his administration to be inside the country legally. Abbot called the lawsuit a “political statement” and argued that Biden’s immigration policies permitted immigrants “to travel wherever they want” inside the US.

Abbott also said that Adams’ case violates the Constitution “in several respects” and that he hopes the New York City mayor “is forced to pay the legal fees” of anyone who ends up defending themselves in the lawsuit after Adams loses “badly.”

Adams announced the lawsuit on Thursday, Jan. 4, stating that his city “will always do [its] part” to manage the migrant crisis, which he described as a “humanitarian crisis.” Adams said the Big Apple “cannot bear the costs” of the Lone Star States actions he says amount to “reckless political ploys.” The lawsuit is against multiple companies participating in Abbott’s efforts to transport immigrants out of Texas and into New York.

Abbott says that Adams should be suing President Biden instead of bus companies, citing the president’s policies as the real cause of the problems facing New York.

Since August 2022, over 33,000 border-crossers have been transported to New York from Texas, and December saw a record-breaking number of encounters, which surpassed 300,000. Back in September 2023, Adams warned that the crisis will “destroy” New York City if the federal government doesn’t step in and provide more assistance.

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