Stormy Daniels Grilled after Salacious Testimony in Trump Trial Cross-Examination

( – After her salacious testimony on May 7th, former adult film star Stormy Daniels again took the stand on May 9th, facing cross-examination from former President Donald Trump’s attorneys.

During her May 7th testimony, Daniels provided graphic details about the alleged intimate encounter she had with Trump in a hotel room in 2006, which Trump denies ever happened.

However, during cross-examination on May 9th, Trump’s attorney, Susan Necheles, questioned Daniels about inconsistencies in her story of the alleged encounter, asking Daniels, “You made all this up, right?” Necheles mentioned a 2018 statement Daniels signed that said the entire encounter with Trump never occurred. While Daniels said she signed the statement, she claimed she did not write it or read it. However, Daniels maintained that her account of the story was the truth. At one point during the questioning, Necheles noted that Daniels’ career as an adult film star was based on “phony stories,” which makes her story about Trump less believable.

Necheles then questioned Daniels about the $130,000 payment and why she accepted the money instead of holding her planned news conference just weeks before the 2016 election where she was going to share her story of the alleged encounter. Daniels claimed she accepted the money because there was not much time before the election “to get the story out.” However, after further questioning, Daniels noted that she “asked for money for telling my story,” adding that she did not request money from Trump but “from publications to sell my story.”

Necheles then focused on Daniels selling merchandise, such as “#TeamStormy” T-shirt and “Saint of Indictments” devotional candles with Daniels’ face on them, and how much Daniels has profited from Trump’s legal woes. Daniels replied to Necheles that she is selling merchandise, “not unlike Mr. Trump.” During further questioning, Daniels admitted to profiting almost $1 million from sharing her story of the alleged encounter, including $800,000 from her book, “Full Disclosure.”

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