State Sheriff Slams Governor’s ‘Pro Criminal Agenda’ After Court Blocks Gun Law

( – Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco spoke out against California Gov. Gavin Newsom following a ruling by a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals panel that blocked his new gun law that would have prohibited concealed carry in some public places from going into effect.

Bianco said it was “definitely a relief” that the new law was blocked because of the effect it could have on “law-abiding residents was really unacceptable.” He added that the bill is part of an “anti-gun ownership” agenda Newsom pushes. He stated that California has a “pro-criminal stance,” where it seeks not to prosecute criminals. However, he said the state has the “exact opposite stance for law-abiding residents.”

Bianco added that Newsom needs to focus on the policies that he is promoting that are destroying life for the residents of California instead of his “anti-2A agenda.” He said that “unfortunately,” California is “being ruined by a political agenda.” He said the state has “become a laughingstock,” adding that the “rest of the country does not want” to be like California because they know Newsom’s agenda has harmed the state.

Newsom signed the law in September, which prohibits gun owners from carrying firearms in 26 types of “sensitive” places, such as churches, parks, banks and playgrounds, even if the person has a concealed carry permit. After a lawsuit from gun rights groups and a group of concealed carry permit holders, U.S. District Judge Cormac Carney blocked the law from taking effect in his Dec. 20 ruling that said the law violated the Second Amendment. On Dec.30, a ruling by a 9th Circuit panel allowed the law to take effect Jan 1. However, a Jan. 6 decision by a different 9th Circuit panel dissolved that panel’s temporary hold on the Dec. 20 ruling, blocking the new law from going into effect as a lawsuit challenging the law proceeds.

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