State Blasts Biden Admin For ‘Aiding And Abetting’ Cartels

( – A Texas state attorney general is accusing the Biden administration of not only failing to secure the southern border but also of “aiding and abetting” Mexican drug cartels in the process.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton appeared on Fox News “Sunday Morning Futures” and told host Jason Chaffetz that President Joe Biden’s administration is helping the cartels, encouraging them “to make billions” and “bring as many people here” as quickly as possible. Paxton said that not only is the administration “not just doing their job” but “actually encouraging the opposite.”

Paxton made his remarks in response to questions about the latest caravan of migrants making its way toward the US-Mexico border. The current hoard of asylum seekers is estimated to be around 15,000 people. Paxton was also asked about recent reports from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) showing record numbers of encounters for December 2023.

The Justice Department warned Texas on Thursday, Dec. 28, that another lawsuit is incoming if the state starts enforcing its new immigration policy. As a final act of defiance against the federal government for 2023, Abbott signed the new legislation allowing state law enforcement to arrest illegal crossers and state courts to immediately order them removed.

Paxton said the lawsuit threat is because Texas wants “to protect [its] own citizens from crime” and other costs of illegal border crossers when it’s actually the federal government’s “job to do it.” The Texas attorney general also criticized Democratic mayors for blaming his state for the impact facing their cities. He turned the blame on such cities for designating themselves as “sanctuary cities” during former President Donald Trump’s administration, calling the situation “a little ironic.”

Compared to what “border states are getting,” Paxton noted that the so-called sanctuaries are only dealing with a fraction of the impact. He said Democrat-run cities are only dealing with “a few hundred or a few thousand” while border states face “hundreds of thousands if not millions” of encounters.

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