Secret Service Agent on VP Harris’ Detail Removed After On-Duty Fight

( – One of the Secret Service agents in the detail of Vice President Kamala Harris was removed from the assignment for allegedly fighting on the job with other agents.

On Monday, April 22nd, while the vice president paid a visit to the Joint Base Andrews (JBA) in Prince George’s County, Maryland, a fight reportedly broke out between Secret Service agents leading to one agent’s removal from the security detail.

Although the incident did not delay Harris’ departure, Secret Service chief of communications Anthony Guglielmi told reporters it amounted to a “medical matter,” refusing to comment further. Guglielmi said that around 9 AM, the special agent in question “began displaying behavior” that the other agents “found distressing.” He was quickly removed from the assignment while they summoned medical personnel.

According to Guglielmi, Harris was at the Naval Observatory during the incident and it did not impact her timely departure from the base. The Naval Observatory is where Harris lives, and its campus hosts the vice president’s official residence.

The agent reportedly started to behave “erratically” and physically attacked the special agent who was in charge of the security detail. After others intervened in the altercation, the agent was handcuffed and detained while medical staff tended to her. Reports also claim the agent had previous issues with staff that were of concern.

The agent has since been identified as Michelle Herczeg, and some of her odd behavior included taking another agent’s phone and tampering with it before it was recovered. She also allegedly mumbled to herself, started hiding behind curtains, and threw items at another agent, including menstrual pads. After a superior agent relieved her, Herczeg allegedly “snapped entirely,” shoved the other agent, tackled him, and punched him before she was restrained and provided medical attention.

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