SCOTUS Ruling Allows Texas Police to Arrest Illegals

( – On March 4th, the Supreme Court issued a stay against the Texas law, Senate Bill 4, which would allow people suspected of entering the country illegally to be arrested by police officers.

Justice Samuel Alito’s order puts the new law, which had been expected to go into effect March 10th after a ruling by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, on hold until at least March 12th while the Supreme Court reviews the case.

Signed into law in December 2023 by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, the law is a way to help the state control the crisis of migrants crossing the southern border. The police would be able to arrest people suspected of entering the United States illegally. Those arrested would either face misdemeanor charges for illegally entering the U.S. or agree to a Texas judge’s order to leave the country. If they do not comply with a judge’s order to leave, they could be arrested and charged with a felony.

Alito’s ruling followed an emergency appeal filed to the Supreme Court by the Department of Justice to temporarily block the law from taking effect on March 10th after the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals stayed the ruling of U.S. District Judge David Ezra. Ezra’s ruling had rejected the new law, stating it conflicted with federal immigration laws and could set a precedent of each state being allowed to pass its own immigration laws.

The Department of Justice argued that the law would significantly affect the relationship between the United States and Mexico and “create chaos” in the state for enforcing federal immigration laws.

The Texas Attorney General’s Office stated that the law mirrors federal law and is a way the state can attempt to control the crisis at the border as migrant crossings have increased to record levels.

Texas has until March 11th to file a response with the Supreme Court to the Department of Justice’s appeal for emergency action.

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