RFK Jr. Redoubles Efforts with Latest Trump Smear Campaign

(USNewsMag.com) – Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is continuing his attacks on former President Donald Trump, this time by accusing Trump of catering to the “swamp creatures” he claims to resist.

Kennedy made the critical remarks about the presumptive GOP nominee on a social media post on Tuesday, June 11, accusing Trump of scamming American workers while maintaining “a weakness for swamp creatures.”

Kennedy made his remarks while responding to Washington Post Senior Politics Editor Dan Eggen who shared a report about Trump suggesting the former president would “fast-track” merger deals for oil donors during a “closed-door fundraising meeting.” The independent candidate reposted Eggen’s report and said that Trump’s “weakness for swamp creatures” was “contrary” to his rhetoric, accusing Trump of being “especially” partial to “corporate monopolies, their lobbyists, and their money.”

The renegade presidential contender continued by accusing Trump of hiring these “swamp creatures” after he promised to “drain the swamp” during his first term in office, and allowed them to “regulate their own industries.” Kennedy then brought up Operation Warp Speed—the government project to fast-track vaccines in response to the 2020 pandemic—as well as the lockdown policies throughout the country that happened on Trump’s watch. Kennedy blamed Trump’s “weak” for the “devastating impact” of these blunders.

Kennedy concluded his statement by promising to “replace industry lobbyists” working at the White House with “public-spirited officials” who will advocate “for the national interest.”

The attack on Trump is just the latest from the independent candidate, who relaunched his campaign last year after initially entering the race as a Democrat and failing to obtain enough support to justify continuing as the party unified around Biden. Kennedy’s biggest criticism of the former president is that he “caved” to the draconian policies during the pandemic instead of cracking down on states’ violations of constitutional rights.

The independent candidate’s campaign has been a wild card so far, producing much speculation from political analysts about which of the two major candidates would suffer the most at the polls from Kennedy’s involvement. Kennedy himself, when he relaunched as an independent in Oct. 2023, said his goal was to spoil the race for both candidates, but his pull does not seem to be strong enough to do much come November.

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