Republicans Gladly Agree With Latest Biden Gaffe

President Joe Biden in Wilmington,Delaware, Jan.20, 2021

( – Republicans agree with President Joe Biden’s gaffe about former President Donald Trump proving the Biden administration “can’t be trusted.”

During Biden’s April 23rd campaign rally in Tampa, Florida, where he focused on the six-week abortion ban in Florida that goes into effect May 1st, Biden referenced Trump as being opposed to abortion rights for women. However, while talking about Trump, Biden misspoke, saying, “How many times does he have to prove we can’t be trusted?” Members of the audience laughed, but Biden did not seem to notice what he had said.

Many people took to social media to agree with Biden’s comment that he and his administration “can’t be trusted.”

On Twitter, Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon shared the video clip of the comment, writing, “Not satire.”

“Even a blind squirrel finds a nut,” OutKick contributor Tomi Lahren wrote about the comment.

“If they tell you who they are, believe them,” wrote RedState columnist Buzz Patterson.

Radio host Tony Kinnett said that at this rate, Biden is “going to endorse Trump.”

Rapid Response Director Jake Schneider agreed with Biden’s statement, writing, “You can’t be trusted!”

Author Edward Dowd called Biden the “perfect puppet” because he cannot “remember the lies handed to him.”

The gaffe was the third made by Biden in a week. On April 22nd, he said that he condemned not only the antisemitic protests happening on college campuses across the country but also people “who don’t understand what’s going on with the Palestinians.” He added that he had set up “a program to deal with that,” though he did not say what he was talking about. Many responded to Biden’s comment, noting that that was similar to Trump’s “very fine people, on both sides” comment from 2017 about the rally and protests in Charlottesville, Virginia.

On April 18th, Biden commented that people should re-elect him because they should “choose freedom over democracy.”

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