Proud Boys Plan Resurgence Following Trump Verdict

( – A new investigation indicates that the quasi-militia conservative group Proud Boys may be growing its ranks once again leading up to the upcoming presidential election in 2024.

The new Reuters report looked into the right-wing organization and its activities leading up to the election and found that they have ramped up their recruitment efforts in preparation for the election and the potential aftermath that could follow the outcome, depending on whether or not former President Donald Trump wins or loses. The report claims that known members have already been spotted at pro-Trump and Trump campaign events across the country, such as a massive rally held at the Jersey Shore in May.

A Proud Boys member at the Trump rally in Wildwood told reporters that he and the group were there to provide “security” for the rally, which is often the group’s refrain as they are known to clash with left-wing protesters and extremist groups like “Antifa.”

The leftwing groups and Proud Boys have engaged in scuffles and brutal street brawls for years, ever since Trump won the White House in 2016. Trump campaign officials have denied that any of Trump’s staff or associates are in contact with the right-wing group and had nothing to do with their presence at the rally in New Jersey,

Group members also told reporters that the Proud Boys are preparing for the aftermath of the 2024 election, which many expect to result in confrontations, protests, and riots, whether or not Trump wins or loses.

One of the Proud Boys’ founders, Enrique Tarrio, is currently in prison serving a sentence of 22 years in connection with the Jan. 6th, 2021, Capitol riots. Other members are also locked up, and former leader and co-founder Gavin McInnes has long cut ties with the group, although the latest report claims he is still connected to them behind the scenes. How the new leadership will impact the group’s behavior in November remains to be seen.

The members who spoke to reporters about the group’s recent activities did so anonymously, as the Proud Boys organization prohibits media interviews.

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