Oklahoma AG ‘Happy’ to Fight Biden on Border Bill

(USNewsMag.com) – Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond is pushing back against the Biden administration, who is threatening to sue the state over its anti-illegal immigration bill.

On May 21st, Drummond responded to the threat, calling for the administration to “bring your fight to Oklahoma,” adding that they are “happy to fight you.”

The pushback came after the Department of Justice wrote to Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt and Drummond, threatening to sue the state for its bill, HB 4156, which is set to take effect July 1st. Similar to laws passed in Texas and Iowa, the bill makes being in the U.S. illegally (and in Oklahoma) a state crime, giving local law enforcement officers the power to arrest illegal immigrants. The bill requires illegal immigrants arrested to leave the state within 72 hours after they are released from custody or convicted. The Department of Justice is also suing Iowa and Texas for their laws, stating the laws infringe on federal authority over immigration law and enforcement.

In the letter, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brian Boynton said the Department of Justice lawsuit is to ensure Oklahoma follows federal laws related to the “regulation of immigration,” noting that Congress has enacted comprehensive rules “governing noncitizens’ entry and reentry.” He said by creating state criminal penalties for violating federal immigration laws, Oklahoma’s bill creates “a separate state immigration scheme.” He then threatened to sue the state unless it agreed to not enforcing the new law.

In his May 21st response, Drummond said Oklahoma has “been invaded” by “organized crime affiliates” who “are engaged in illegal activity.” He added that as a result, the state needs the ability “to capture, detain, prosecute, and imprison” those involved in illegal activities. Drummond noted that he expected the lawsuit, which he called a distraction from the Biden administration’s failures. He said he is very confident in his state’s case as it does not deport illegal immigrants from the country.

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