Nord Stream Pipeline Investigation Dropped by Danish Government

( – Denmark closed its investigation this week into the explosions that damaged the critical Nord Stream gas pipelines in 2022, concluding that deliberate sabotage took place but that no “sufficient grounds” could be established to pursue a criminal investigation.

On Monday, February 26th, Denmark closed its investigation into the mysterious explosions in 2022 that heavily damaged the Nord Stream pipelines, causing gas shortages and an environmental disaster from massive amounts of methane leaking into the air and waters of the Baltic Sea, harming local wildlife.

The explosions occurred in September 2022 and damaged Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines located in international waters in the economic zones of Sweden and Denmark. The multi-billion dollar pipelines carry gas from Russia into Germany.

On Wednesday, February 7th, Sweden closed its investigation into the matter, stating it did not have the jurisdiction to pursue the case and instead handed over “material that can be used as evidence” to German investigators. The Swedish investigation believed a state actor most likely carried out the attack.

Kenneth Øhlenschlæger Buhl, a research fellow for the Royal Danish Defense College, said that the decision by Denmark to close its investigation was not unexpected. He also said that the Swedes claim to have “a fairly good idea of who was behind it,” yet they had “no jurisdiction” over suspects they wished to interview. Øhlenschlæger Buhl said the Danes closed their case for the same reason and that the Germans will reach the same conclusion yet may also “open the lid a little more.”

On Monday, the federal prosecutor’s office handling the investigation in Germany said the probe is ongoing but would not provide more details.

Ever since the undersea explosions rocked the pipelines, it’s remained an international mystery. Some believe Western governments may have been behind it, as it affected a supply route from Russia to Germany. The explosion also happened a few weeks after Russia cut off the supply.

Nord Stream 1 was ruptured and no longer functional, while Nord Stream 2 suffered some damage. That pipeline was never in service. Germany suspended its certification of Nord Stream 2 right before the February 24th, 2022, invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

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