Nikki Haley Rejected by Nevada Voters

( – The Nevada presidential primary election turned out to be an embarrassment for former UN ambassador Nikki Haley, who had no major challenger on the ticket and still lost to “none of these candidates.”

Voters in Nevada had the option to reject every candidate in its state-run primary election, and that’s exactly what many of them did. When the results came in, it turned out that more people selected “none of these candidates” than they did Haley, an embarrassing result for the floundering GOP candidate who continues to box the shadow of former President Donald Trump, once her boss when she was UN ambassador. The primary was Haley’s third consecutive loss.

Trump wasn’t on the same ballot because he and his team are set to compete in the GOP-run Nevada caucuses on Thursday, February 8th, instead.

The former president commented on the primary results on his social media platform Truth Social, writing that it turned out to be “a bad night” for Haley and pointing out that she lost by “almost 30 points” to the option to reject all candidates. He then said she would probably “soon claim” that she was victorious, referencing her speeches from the other primaries and the Iowa caucuses in which Haley spoke as if she was the winner.

A victory in Nevada would not have brought Haley any closer to the Republican nomination, though. The state Republican Party is only awarding delegates to whoever participates in the caucuses, of which Trump is the only candidate participating and will therefore receive all of the state’s 26 delegates.

One of the reasons Haley did so poorly in the primary election is that she made little to no investment in Nevada. Since May 2023, Haley only visited the state one time and shrugged the state off as inconsequential in the long run. Haley also didn’t see the point in participating in the caucuses because she believed the state’s GOP was already totally on board with Trump.

After another poor performance, many are wondering why the former South Carolina governor is even continuing in the race. Trump is so far ahead, that it would take a miracle for Haley to win the nomination.

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