New York DA Apologizes for Meltdown During Traffic Stop

( – A pre-recorded apology video was shared on April 29th by Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley after a video of her behavior during a traffic stop went viral.

In the apology video, Doorley, a former Democrat who switched to the Republican Party in 2015, stated she takes “full responsibility” for her behavior, adding, “I failed you and the standards that I hold myself to.” She said there were no excuses for her behavior, which was wrong. However, in the apology video, she said that she had dealt with three homicides that day and was upset after some “frightening” medical news her husband had received. She offered another apology to the officer, stating that she “made this officer’s job harder.” She also told the community she would “make this right.”

In the April 22nd video of the traffic stop, a police officer in Webster, New York, catches Doorley driving 55 mph in a 35 mph zone. However, when she does not stop for the officer, he follows her the half mile to her home with his sirens and lights on. In the video, the officer then walks to the garage where Doorley had parked the car. He then asks her to cooperate, and, in a heated exchange, she refuses, calling Webster Police Chief Dennis Kohlmeier to ask him to have the officer “leave me alone.”

In the video, she says he can give her a ticket, adding, “I’m the one who prosecutes it.” The officer responds, stating that while he understands she is just getting home after work, he does not “understand the hostility” as she continues swearing at the officer, telling him to leave her home as he asks her to talk outside.

On April 25th, Doorley issued a statement about the incident, apologizing, noting that she was not paying attention to how fast she was driving after “a busy day at work.” She said she accepted the ticket for speeding, pleaded guilty the next day, and paid the fine because she believes “in accepting responsibility for my actions.”

Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is seeking a state investigation into the incident and said that Doorley was referred to the Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct.

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