Mom Finds WWII Bomb Shelter Under Backyard Slab

( – A UK mother made a shocking discovery on her property after she lifted a slab of stone while working in the garden: an underground bomb shelter potentially dating back to World War II.

Thirty-four-year-old Rebecca Hobson first heard about the air raid shelter on her property in Kent, England, during the 2020 pandemic lockdowns when some of her neighbors informed her that something related to WWII was hidden behind her home. Despite the briefing from locals about the potential war relic, Hobson didn’t pursue the lead until recently when she decided to look for the rumored bomb shelter.

Hobson, who discovered the 160-foot shelter with her partner, Darren, said she had no idea it was there despite living in the house for over a decade. It wasn’t until some locals told her “there might be something in the garden” that they poked around and found signs of an entrance.

Years later, they finally explored further and uncovered a large passageway with some interesting artifacts inside. Hobson and her partner uploaded a video of their discovery on TikTok, giving a virtual tour that has already amassed half a million views. In the footage, the tunnel was lit with electric lights, and a passage could be seen leading to a dead end where there used to be another entrance leading to their neighbor’s yard that was blocked.

The UK mother said they thought it would “be really small” when they first entered the tunnel and were “shocked by the size of it.” Hobson said she and her partner cleaned the tunnel and added the lights but did not alter anything else in order to preserve its history. She also said they asked a local school if they would like to visit. They also discovered some bottles, bowls, and an old toy gun. Hobson isn’t sure which of the two world wars the shelter dates back to and is still researching to uncover more about the shelter’s origins.

According to newspaper clipping uncovered later, the shelter was constructed by volunteers during WWII to protect up to 200 women and children. Hobson said her home and others in the row were “built in the seventies” and that the earth removed to make the foundations may have accidentally buried the tunnel.

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