Millions Stolen from LA Cash Storage Facility in Elaborate Easter Heist

( – One of the biggest heists in California history took place on Easter Sunday this year in Los Angeles, where tens of millions in cash was stolen overnight from a storage facility.

The roughly $30 million in cash was stored in the San Fernando Valley at a GardaWorld storage facility in Sylmar, California. According to law enforcement, the thieves somehow managed to break into the facility on Sunday, March 31st, completely undetected and without setting off a single alarm system.

The thieves apparently entered the facility from the roof and somehow gained access to the vault where the cash was stored. It wasn’t until Monday morning that the company which owns the building discovered that the money was missing.

On Wednesday, April 3rd, an AIR7 HD flew over the facility and captured footage of what appeared to be a boarded-up hole on the side of the structure and a pile of debris beside it. Whether or not this is related to the theft was not been clarified.

The heist is one of the biggest in Los Angeles’ history, and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said they are working closely with the FBI to figure out how the theft was carried out, who is responsible, and where the missing money ended up. Law enforcement authorities suspect that a crew must have been involved to carry out such a break-in and operation. So far, no information about any suspects is available.

An anonymous employee told reporters that he was shocked when he heard the story, calling it “mind-blowing” and unexpected. The employee said he’s “still trying to process” how $30 million was stolen without anyone noticing, and questioned whether or not it could have been “an inside job.”

Two years before this height, a Brink’s armored truck was robbed of $100 million in jewelry, gems, and other valuables. The incident occurred while the big rig was parked at a truck stop in Southern California, and the thieves remain at large.

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