McConnell Lobbies GOP Senators To Pass Secret Migration Bill

( – Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell is looking to get support from Republican senators for his still-secret border bill.

According to reports, McConnell is seeking the support of 20 of the 49 Republican senators before publicly releasing the draft bill, which is under review by the Senate’s Committee on Appropriations.

The bill would allow for more migrants to enter the United States and does not include any significant actions to curb illegal migration, according to leaked descriptions of the proposal. The bill would give taxpayer money to cities to help with the increase in migrants. Under the proposed bill, foreign college graduates who take jobs for low wages at Fortune 500 companies would receive new incentives.

Some senators are already speaking out against the proposed legislation, such as Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who told Tucker Carlson that half of the Senate Republicans are “ready to sell out fake border reform” in order to close the deal that sends more money to Ukraine.

On Jan. 22, Utah Sen. Mike Lee said the bill is being kept a secret until the votes are secured to push it through the Senate. He added that the senators do not want to vote on the bill a day after receiving it, which would not give them much of a chance to read and amend it. While Indiana Sen. Mike Braun stated that he thinks getting the bill “to the floor and voting on it in a day or two” would “cause a real uproar,”

Immigration Accountability Project President Chris Chmielenski stated that the bill is similar to former President George W. Bush’s “Any Willing Worker” program.

Former President Donald Trump also weighed in on President Joe Biden’s proposed bill, writing on Truth Social Jan. 18 that a border bill should not be agreed to “unless we get everything needed” to control the border. He added that he is confident that House Speaker and Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson “will only make a deal that is perfect on the border.”

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