Justice Alito Slams Media Criticism of SCOTUS in Secret Recording

(USNewsMag.com) – A secret recording of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito reveals that he was angry at the media for criticizing the court.

The recording was published on Monday, June 10th, and was recorded on June 3rd by Lauren Windsor, a political consultant and journalist. Windsor recorded the audio at a dinner for the Supreme Court Historical Society while conversing with Alito, who she coaxed into believing she held more conservative views.

In the recording, Alito could be heard saying it was “easy to blame the media” and that he does “blame them” because “they do nothing but criticize” the justices. Alito said the media’s criticism has “eroded trust in the court.”

Recent scandals have shaken public trust in the U.S. Supreme Court and have raised questions about the ability of the court to remain impartial. Recent polls also show that Americans are less trusting of the Supreme Court and that trust has eroded over several years. A September 2023 Gallup poll showed that approval ratings were at record lows. About 41% of Americans felt the Supreme Court handled its job well while 58% disapproved. Five years prior, in 2018, those numbers were 51% approval to 40% disapproval.

Alito, who was appointed by former President George W. Bush in 2005, has specifically been under scrutiny recently for his support of former President Donald Trump after a New York Times report claimed the justice flew an inverted American flag outside of his residence in Virginia following Trump’s loss to President Joe Biden during the 2020 election. The justice denied involvement, claiming his wife decided to fly the flag.

In the audio, Alito also discusses the ideological disagreements between the two major parties, who he says have certain values that each would not compromise. He said either way, one side “is going to win,” and added that he does think there is “a way of working” and “living together peacefully,” but that it would be “difficult” because of those fundamental differences in values.

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