Jen Psaki Makes Shocking Admission about Biden’s Border Order

( – In discussing President Joe Biden’s executive order about the southern border, Biden’s former press secretary, MSNBC host Jen Psaki, said the order addresses a “political vulnerability.”

During a June 5th discussion on “Morning Joe,” she acknowledged that Biden signed the executive order because his campaign knows the border is a “political vulnerability” and that before the election, “they would have to do something like an executive order.”

She also placed blame on former President Donald Trump for the crisis at the border, stating he is the reason Congress failed to pass the bipartisan border bill proposed earlier this year.

She called the border “broken,” adding that security at the border is also broken. She stated that a wall would not fix the border, noting that “technology has advanced.”

Psaki’s comments contrast her March statement when she and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow laughed about immigration being a top concern for Virginia voters as it is not a state near the southern border. However, they joked about how it does share a border with West Virginia.

On June 4th, Biden signed an executive order that would close the border when over 2,500 illegal immigrants have crossed the border daily for seven consecutive days. Once closed, the border will remain completely closed for two weeks until daily crossings fall to 1,500 crossings per day for seven consecutive days.

On the first day the order was in effect, June 5th, nearly 4,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended by Border Patrol.

Biden’s order comes as the polls continue to show that immigration is one of the top issues for voters, followed by inflation. In swing states, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, immigration is the second most important topic after the economy.

Since Biden took office in January 2021, over 7.3 migrants have illegally crossed the border, including a record 250,000 encounters at the border in December 2023, according to the Border Patrol.

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