Interview Transcripts Affirm Robert Hur’s Depiction of Biden’s Memory

( – Interview transcripts released before a March 12th House Judiciary Committee hearing about Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on President Joe Biden, 81, affirm Hur’s conclusion that Biden is an “elderly man with a poor memory.”

The 258-page interview transcript covers the interviews conducted on October 8th and October 9th between Biden and Hur and his staff regarding Biden’s handling of classified documents. During the interview, Biden was questioned about classified documents he saw while he was serving as vice president, where and how he stored the classified documents, and why some were still in his possession.

The transcript shows that Biden was not only confused about the materials in his possession but also about basic facts such as when his son Beau died, when he served as vice president, and when former President Donald Trump was elected. The transcripts also show that there were times in the interview when he confused his time as a senator with his time as vice president.

In a press conference after the February 5th release of the report, Biden criticized Hur for mentioning his son Beau during the interviews. However, according to the transcript, Biden is the one who brought up his son.

The transcripts also reveal memory lapses that were not included in Hur’s report, including that Biden needed help remembering the name of the National Archives, which takes custody of official records, and that a fax machine is what “transmits images of documents over phone lines.”

Despite Biden and the Democrats stating that the report had exonerated Biden, Hur noted during the March 12th hearing that “I did not exonerate him,” adding that word was listed nowhere in his report. Hur stated the report says there is room for a jury to find “reasonable doubt” about whether or not Biden violated the law “willfully.” Hur added that his characterization of Biden was “necessary and accurate and fair.”

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