Hunter Biden’s Gun Pouch Had Drug Residue

( – The president’s son is once again in the headlines with another scandalous report, this time a revelation that Justice Department officials discovered cocaine residue on a gun pouch belonging to Hunter Biden in 2018, which could hinder his continued defense against three federal gun charges.

In a new filing on Tuesday, Jan. 16, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) revealed that Hunter Biden’s gun pouch had residue of cocaine on its surface, which prosecutors are using to urge the judge overseeing Hunter Biden’s gun case to dismiss his defense team’s request to drop the charges. Prosecutors said that an FBI chemist “literally found drugs” in the case where Hunter Biden “kept his gun.”

Hunter Biden has previously acknowledged using crack cocaine and having an addiction problem. In an interview in 2021 that went viral online, Hunter Biden discussed how bad his addiction was and admitted to possibly smoking parmesan cheese he picked up from the ground, thinking it was drugs.

Hunter Biden maintains his innocence, and his legal team claims he didn’t break the law. They contend their client is being targeted “selectively” for political reasons due to his father, President Joe Biden. The DOJ denies these claims, noting that no evidence exists to indicate that the agencies led by officials appointed by Hunter Biden’s father “authorized prosecution” based on political motivations. Prosecutors said the charges “are not trumped up,” nor are they due to former President Donald Trump, but are the “result of the defendant’s own choices.”

Last July, Hunter Biden refused a plea deal from the prosecution after negotiations crumbled when Judge Maryellen Noreika questioned the validity of the deal, which would’ve given Hunter Biden a slap on the wrist for tax fraud charges, future immunity from other charges, and essentially eliminated the felony gun charge.

Hunter Biden also recently settled a legal battle with Lunden Roberts over child support payments for his daughter, Navy.

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