Giuliani Claims DA Willis Belongs In Jail

( – After recent accusations against the district attorney in charge of the election interference case against former President Donald Trump in Georgia of hiring a prosecutor who she’s been having an affair with, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a co-defendant in the case, weighed in and said he isn’t surprised by the scandal.

Giuliani made an appearance on Newsmax last Wednesday, Jan. 10, and told “Frontline” host Carl Higbie that he found the scandal surrounding Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to be “fully expected” for her county and the city of Atlanta, which the former mayor described as “one of the most corrupt places” in the country. He said such corruption is why it’s “reasonable” for Trump to believe the county “stole the election” and that it would actually “be unusual if they didn’t try to.”

Alongside Trump, the former mayor of the Big Apple and 13 more defendants are all currently being prosecuted by the Fulton County DA for allegedly attempting to subvert the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia. Giuliani was once one of Trump’s attorneys. Both men have denied all wrongdoing and pleaded not guilty.

Giuliani’s remarks were in reaction to a motion filed on Monday, Jan. 8, on behalf of a former official from Trump’s 2020 campaign, Mike Roman, who is also a co-defendant alongside his former boss and Giuliani. The motion claims that Willis’ case against them “is invalid and unconstitutional,” alleging that Willis “never had legal authority” to appoint Nathan Wade, who helped obtain both indictments, as the special prosecutor in the case.

The motion also claims that the private attorney paid for expensive vacations accompanied by Willis using funds from his law firm provided by Fulton County for the prosecution. According to court records, Wade played a key role in bringing on the case against Trump and his co-defendants and has received over $650,000 for legal services since January 2022. Willis authorized those legal fees. The motion claims that number is even higher—somewhere around $1 million.

Giuliani says that Willis is “the one that belongs in hail” rather than himself, reiterating that he “didn’t commit a crime” nor did Trump. He said that the case against them is “lousy” and “ridiculous,” claiming that he is being prosecuted simply “for being a lawyer.”

The former New York mayor recently declared bankruptcy from legal fees and fines related to the Georgia case, specifically for defaming two former election workers.

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