Fox Legal Analyst Accuses Biden of “Shredding the Constitution”

( – A legal analyst from Fox News said that President Joe Biden’s sweeping student loan bailout plan amounts to a “shredding” of the Constitution and punishing American taxpayers.

Gregg Jarrett, a Fox News legal analyst, made an appearance on “Fox & Friends” recently and criticized Biden’s plan to bail out millions of student loan borrowers as the president campaigns for re-election in November, despite the Supreme Court already deciding Biden doesn’t have the authority to do so.

The host asked Jarrett how the Biden administration is maneuvering around a Supreme Court decision that was “pretty clear,” which struck down the president’s student loan forgiveness plans. Jarrett accused Biden of “inventing a different, runaround [from] the Supreme Court decision” and accused him of “brazenly defying the law” by continuing to follow through with a plan that the court blocked while arrogantly bragging about it.

Jarrett said that although Biden “changed his method of loan forgiveness” in the newest version of his plan, “the same legal principles… still apply” to the plan. The analyst said Biden isn’t actually “canceling anything,” but is instead transferring the debt to the taxpayers from the borrowers, adding that this is “only Congress has the power to do” and that the Supreme Court explained this in their June 2023 decision.

The analyst concluded that Biden’s actions are a “stunning act of contempt” and demonstrate a disregard for “the separation of powers” in government, the law, and the US Constitution. He ended his response by asking who the real “dictator” and “threat to democracy” is, subtly referencing the claims Biden makes about former President Donald Trump.

Multiple versions of the president’s plan to forgive billions in student loan debt have been struck down in court, and 11 states have launched a lawsuit against the current version announced by Biden in February. That new plan would relieve debt for around 30 million borrowers, slashing large portions of their loans within the next few months.

Biden unveiled the plan’s details in Wisconsin on Monday, April 8th. The main goal of the plan is to cut loans exceeding their initial principal from accumulated interest, slashing up to $20,000 of that accrued interest for borrowers who make below $120,000 annually and even more for couples making less than $240,000. That would cut the loans of around 23 million borrowers to the original amount. It would also cancel the debt of borrowers who’d been unable to pay off their loans after two decades of holding the debt.

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