Former State Governor Quits White House Race

( – The challengers for the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election are dropping like flies now that the Iowa caucuses results are in and the state has made it loud and clear that former President Donald Trump is who they want to represent them. The latest to drop his bid for the White House was former governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson.

Hutchinson threw in the towel on Tuesday, Jan. 16, following the Iowa caucuses results. Hutchinson’s campaign was an obvious longshot, reflecting a former era of the Republican Party. It ultimately failed to inspire support from a reformed party that remains dominated by Trump.

The announcement came the day after the Iowa caucuses, the first contest for the GOP nomination. Hutchinson fared poorly and came in sixth place, mustering only 0.2% of the state’s Republican support. In a statement announcing the suspension of his campaign, Hutchinson also congratulated Trump for his Iowa victory and the other candidates. He said he would be “driving back to Arkansas,” and said that his “message of being a principled Republican with experience” who told the truth about Trump “did not sell in Iowa.”

Alison Williams, Hutchinson’s campaign manager, said that the former Arkansas governor would not be issuing an official endorsement of any candidate just yet.

He wasn’t the only one to drop out of the race after the results in Iowa. Political newcomer Vivek Ramaswamy, who received some jabs from Trump shortly before the primary contest, dropped out of the race immediately after the results came in. The biotech entrepreneur threw his lot in with Trump, wholeheartedly endorsing the former president and vowing to work with him. Trump accepted the endorsement and said Ramaswamy would certainly have a role to play in his campaign going forward.

Before the Iowa caucuses even took place, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie also dropped out of the race. He was perhaps Trump’s biggest critic in the contest, taking on the former president more directly than all the rest.

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