Former Baltimore Prosecutor Guilty of Fraud

( РIn a split verdict, a jury convicted former Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, 44, on one count of mortgage fraud, and she was acquitted of a second charge of mortgage fraud.

The federal jury issued its February 7th ruling after Mosby testified that she unintentionally made false statements on the loan application for the two vacation homes she purchased in Florida. The mortgage loan applications were signed by Mosby in good faith, according to her testimony.

Federal prosecutors stated Mosby used $80,000 that she withdrew from her Baltimore retirement fund during the pandemic to buy two homes. One home was an eight-bedroom house not far from Disney World, while the second home was a beachside condo in Longboat Key, Florida, on the Gulf Coast. Federal prosecutors alleged she repeatedly lied on her mortgage applications for the two homes, worth nearly $1 million combined. In November, she was convicted by a federal jury on two counts of perjury for falsely claiming financial hardship so she could withdraw the money from her retirement account.

Her ex-husband, Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby, testified during the trial that he lied because he was embarrassed about their federal tax debt, which was close to $69,000 with interest and penalties. However, Marilyn Mosby was charged with mortgage fraud because she neglected to disclose the federal tax debt on her mortgage applications. She was acquitted of the charge related to the tax debt.

She was convicted of the charge related to a gift she received. Mosby had also failed to disclose a $5,000 gift from her then-husband on her mortgage applications, which helped to lower her interest rate, according to prosecutors, who traced the money back to her bank account.

Mosby has not been sentenced yet in either case. For each count of perjury, she faces a sentence of up to five years. She also faces a maximum sentence of 30 years for one count of mortgage fraud.

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