Epstein Associate Funneled Money To Ramaswamy and Several Dems

(USNewsMag.com) – A wealthy associate of notorious child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein contributed large donations to multiple Democratic lawmakers as well as to the campaign of Republican presidential candidate and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, including to a superPAC for the GOP contender.

After US District Judge Loretta Preska recently unsealed a trove of previously redacted court documents from the lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s main accomplice, one of the first names revealed in the documents was Glenn Dubin. Dubin, a huge fund manager based in New York City, was named in the 2016 deposition by plaintiff Virginia Giuffre as the first person whom Maxwell sent her to sleep with after completing massage training.

Giuffre said that when Epstein and Maxwell use the word “massage,” they are referring to something erotic, and that this is what was meant by Maxwell when she ordered Giuffre to give Dubin a massage. She added that she is certain Dubin was the “first” person she was directed toward.

Dubin co-founded the company Highbridge Capital Management and has also been involved with philanthropy, including donating hundreds of thousands to political campaigns and efforts. Filings with the Federal Election Commission showed that he gave $100,000 to the superPAC called American Exceptionalism, which supports Ramaswamy’s efforts to take the White House. Dubin also donated $6,600 directly to Ramaswamy’s campaign, raising questions among his critics.

Ramaswamy addressed the revelation by promising to donate the money to organizations that fight human trafficking, although it’s unclear if the PAC will follow suit. The biotech entrepreneur and political newcomer said he “was the first and most vocal proponent” of unsealing all documents related to Epstein and promised to do so if elected president. Ramaswamy said that “people deserve to know the truth” about Epstein’s dealings.

He is currently in fourth place in the GOP primary polls after South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley dumped him out of the third-place spot. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis remains in second place, and former President Donald Trump has held his spot as the frontrunner and remains leagues ahead of his challengers, even in the face of multiple indictments and states trying to remove him from the primary ballot. Ramaswamy defended Trump and vowed to remove himself from any state ballot Trump is kicked off of.

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