Dozens Arrested at Skating Rink Riot

( – On May 18th, 29 people were arrested in Brandon, Florida, after a brawl broke out outside the Astro Skate skating rink following the cancellation of a party.

The party was canceled after the individuals hosting the party did not hire an off-duty deputy for security as required by Astro Skate. While the party organizers received a refund after the party’s cancellation, the organizers took to social media, calling on their friends to meet at Astro Skate to riot against the business and law enforcement.

After receiving reports of a large crowd fighting in the rink’s parking lot from an off-duty deputy, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the scene. Responding deputies reported 300-400 people in the skating rink’s parking lot and at nearby businesses to disperse because they were trespassing. However, the crowd members continued fighting, causing damage, stealing, and disrupting the business operations of the nearby businesses.

According to the sheriff’s office, a juvenile inside a nearby barber shop was beaten and thrown through the plate-glass window of the shop by someone participating in the fight. The victim, who suffered non-life-threatening injuries, was transported to a local hospital.

Another group caused more than $500 worth of damage to wine bottles and stole an undetermined amount of merchandise from a nearby convenience store.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested 23 juveniles and transported them to the juvenile assessment center.

They also arrested six adults: Fareed Carter, 18; Aliyah Alfonso, 18; Jadyn Sebro, 18; Malik Carter, 20; Yazelynn Ramos, 21; and Lekera Evans, 32; and booked them into the Orient Road Jail. All six face charges of trespassing. However, Ramos and Sebro also face charges of disorderly conduct, and Evans faces charges of resisting an officer’s orders without violence.

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister said he was “outraged by the violent and disruptive behavior” that will not be tolerated “under any circumstances.” He also praised the responding deputies who “had to step in to defuse the situation professionally and swiftly.”

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