Democrats Pounce on Trump ‘Freeze-Up’ During NRA Speech

( – Former President Donald Trump is receiving criticism from Democrats for apparently freezing for about 30 seconds while speaking at an annual National Rifle Association (NRA) event in Texas.

On Saturday, May 18th, Trump attended the annual NRA meeting in Dallas and spoke to the organization, which officially endorsed him in the upcoming presidential race, although he made the crowd wait for over two hours past when he was scheduled to speak. During that speech, the former president appeared to freeze momentarily, falling silent suddenly for more than half a minute, which perplexed audiences in person and at home.

Trump spoke about the “Texas spirit of proud independence” of the early settlers, who Trump said helped turn America “into the single greeted nation in the history of the world.” At that moment, he suddenly stopped speaking for about 35 seconds while background music continued to play, even shaking his head inexplicably at one point, before resuming by stating America was now “a nation in decline.”

Critics online laid similar attacks on Trump that have been laid on Biden before over such incidents of apparent mental decline, some going as far as accusing the former president of having “a Mitch moment,” referring to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel, who froze in front of a crowd twice last year.

After criticism over the incident, Trump, 77, attacked the Biden campaign on Truth Social, calling it a “fake story” that he “froze” during his speech. Trump said the long pause was standard in his speeches when incorporating music. Supporters said Trump did not freeze but was listening for the correct moment in the song and paused for dramatic effect.

The incident comes amid ongoing concerns over Biden’s mental and physical health. Although he has passed the necessary exams, the 81-year-old’s capacity to serve another four years remains heavily in question. Biden had numerous public incidents, and the Democratic Party will take any opportunity to try and level the playing field and use Trump’s age against him the same way Republicans have used it against the president.

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