Democratic Senator Says the Quiet Part Out Loud

( – Republicans and immigration experts are criticizing Democratic Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy for referring to illegal immigrants as the people “we care about most” during an interview with MSNBC.

Murphy commented during a February 7th interview with MSNBC host Chris Hayes, who asked Murphy about the Senate’s border security deal that was blocked by House Republicans. In response, Murphy stated Democrats were concerned about funding for Ukraine instead of a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants during the negotiations for the deal. He said that while the Senate bill did not include a pathway to citizenship, it included policies that were “substantial for people” who “actually care about migrants.”

He went on to say that for 30 years “that has been the Democratic strategy,” adding that the strategy has not delivered for the “people we care about most, the undocumented Americans.”

He also admitted that there are days now when 8,000 people show up to apply for asylum, compared to a decade ago, when in 2013, “there were a couple hundred people” that showed up at the border to claim asylum.

Many commented on social media, saying Murphy finally admitted the Democrats’ actual view on the issue of illegal immigration.

On Twitter, Stephen Miller wrote that Murphy’s comment explains “why Democrats angrily oppose every enforcement measure.” Miller, who was a senior advisor for former President Donald Trump, added that it is why Democrats and President Joe Biden “eradicated the border and orchestrated the invasion.”

Conservative commentator Andrew Klavan gave Murphy “Points for clarity and honesty.”

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich called it “ridiculous” that “Democrats want to ‘rescue’ ‘undocumented Americans.’”

Center for Immigration Studies director of policy studies Jessica Vaughan called it “stunning” that a United States senator would say his top priority is not U.S. citizens but is accommodating “people from other countries who broke our laws to get here.” She added that Murphy’s comments “help explain the problems with the Senate bill.”

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