Controversial Law-and-Order Measures Passed in Democrat City

( – On March 5th, voters in San Francisco, California, passed two public safety ballot measures, expanding police powers and requiring welfare recipients suspected of using illegal drugs to undergo drug screenings and treatment.

Proposition E, which received the support of 60 percent of the voters, expands the powers of the police. It reduces paperwork requirements, allows police more leeway when pursuing suspects in vehicles, and authorizes the police to use surveillance cameras and drones.

Proposition F, which received the support of 63 percent of the voters, would require welfare recipients who are “reasonably” suspected of using illegal drugs to attend mandatory drug treatment and undergo drug testing, or else they can be denied benefits.

Both measures will take effect on January 1st, 2025.

The measures were placed on the ballot by the first black woman to lead San Francisco, Democratic Mayor London Breed, who argued the measures would help crack down on the city’s drug and crime crisis. During a campaign stop in January, she said she has heard from recovery advocates who are demanding change and residents from poorer, black neighborhoods who are pleading for help in their communities from more police.

Crime, homelessness, public safety, and drug use have been the most important issues to voters since then-San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin was recalled in 2022, according to an associate professor of political science at San Francisco State University, Jason McDaniel.

Breed said the results make it clear people want changes made to public safety.

On Twitter, she wrote a post thanking the voters for passing the measures, adding that Proposition E will give police “more tools to do their jobs” and Proposition F will get “people the help they need.”

Breed is facing a tough reelection battle as people think her administration has failed to address the issues of drugs and crime that plague the area. However, the top two competitors, Democrats Daniel Lurie and Mark Farrell, supported the measures.

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