Cohen Testimony Could Have Massive Implications in Hush Money Case

( – Legal analysts are saying Michael Cohen‘s cross-examination testimony could have massive implications for former President Donald Trump’s hush-money trial.

During Cohen’s May 16th cross-examination, Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, questioned him about a recording he made of a conversation with a journalist, where Cohen stated the alleged encounter between Trump and adult film star Stormy Daniels did not happen. In the recording, Cohen states the journalist should believe him as he is “a really bad liar.” However, on the stand, Cohen said he had lied about everything he said to the journalist.

Blanche then questioned Cohen about a call with Trump’s bodyguard that was with him on Oct. 24th, 2016. During earlier testimony, Cohen stated he called Keith Schiller to discuss “the Stormy Daniels matter” with Trump and resolve it. However, Blanche showed text messages showing that Cohen had made the 96-second call to Schiller to get help to deal with a 14-year-old prank calling him and that Cohen had never spoken to Trump. Cohen stated that he believes he spoke with Trump, but as Blanche called it “a lie,” adding that Cohen’s testimony shows he was uncertain he had spoken with the former president.

Blanche used social media posts and text messages to prove Cohen resented Trump and wanted to see him convicted.

Former Trump attorney Jim Trusty said the testimony was crucial as the prosecution has made the case a “referendum on Cohen’s honesty.”

Criminal defense attorney Nikki Lotze said Cohen’s testimony “has to have raised some doubt” about what the phone call was actually about, adding that the call was not long enough for it to have been about both topics.

A partner in the Taylor & Ring law firm in Los Angeles, California, David Ring, said jurors could find Cohen to be a “vengeful liar” or “credible,” adding he has “brought a tremendous amount of baggage” to the stand.

Ryan Goodman, an NYU Law professor, called Cohen’s testimony “devastating,” adding if the case ended now, he does not believe there would be a conviction.

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