Boebert’s Ex-Husband Arrested After Incident With Congresswoman

( – Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado and her ex-husband apparently had a recent incident leading to the arrest and subsequent release of Jayson Boebert, records from the Garfield County Jail show

Following reports that the congresswoman and her ex-husband got into an altercation at a restaurant last Saturday, Jan. 6, jail records show that Jayson was arrested a few days later, on Tuesday, Jan. 9, and later released. According to a CBS report, he was charged with criminal mischief and misdemeanor assault.

The arrest happened days after the former couple were in an altercation in Silt, Colorado, resulting in law enforcement responding to the scene a restaurant called the Miner’s Claim, which is in Boebert’s district. Although they confirmed responding to the incident at the restaurant, the Silt Police Department declined to give any additional details about the incident or their investigation. Both parties deny any wrongdoing.

Jayson claims that his ex-wife punched him in the face at the restaurant, but the investigation found this to be false and cleared the GOP lawmaker of those accusations. In a statement on Wednesday, Jan. 10, Silt Police announced they closed their investigation into Rep. Lauren Boebert because the domestic violence allegations “are unfounded” and could not be verified with sufficient evidence. Jayson later retracted the accusation.

The congresswoman denied striking her ex-husband. She also cited the situation, which she said is “sad” and “keeps escalating,” as one of the reasons she will be moving from her current residence. Lauren also said she was considering her legal options regarding Jayson’s false claims against her.

In a statement to The Denver Post, Jayson claims he’s the one who called the police to their residence and said he did not plan on pressing any charges against his ex-wife.

A report also came out a few days after the arrest in which the Boeberts’ son claims that Jayson assaulted him and threatened him with a firearm when he discovered the 18-year-old was calling the police.

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