Bodies of Missing Australian Couple Recovered, Killer Admits Guilt

( – On February 27th, the bodies of Jesse Baird, 26, and his partner, Luke Davies, 29, were located by Australian police after Baird’s ex-boyfriend admitted to shooting the couple and hiding their bodies.

The bodies were located after Baird’s former partner, Senior Constable Beau Lamarre-Condon, 28, who was arrested on February 23rd and charged with murder, decided to cooperate with officials. Despite refusing to answer questions about the missing couple, Lamarre-Condon admitted to police on February 27th where he had hidden the bodies of the former television reporter and the flight attendant.

According to New South Wales Police Force Detective Superintendent Daniel Doherty, the bodies, found at a property 125 miles from Baird’s home in Sydney, were in surfboard bags, the same bags police had alleged the killer used to remove the bodies from the home in Sydney.

Police believe the bodies were removed from the home and left at a location where police divers ended up spending days searching the waterways. However, police said they believe that Lamarre-Condon, who previously dated Baird, moved the bodies to their final location on February 22nd because he feared a friend of his might reveal where the pair had traveled. The friend who was with Lamarre-Condon was not an accomplice and was not aware that Lamarre-Condon was transporting bodies, according to the police.

As a way to throw off investigators, police stated that after he killed the couple, Lamarre-Condon sent text messages from Baird’s phone telling family and friends the couple was moving across the country to Perth.

Police allege that Lamarre-Condon used his service pistol while off duty to commit the murders because handgun ownership in Australia is highly restricted. The gun handling procedures that allowed Lamarre-Condon to sign out his service pistol are being reviewed as part of the investigation.

Police Commissioner Karen Webb said the police must find a way to ensure a police-issued firearm is never used in such a crime again.

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