Biden’s Donor Dilemma: When Your Own Team Wants You Benched

Are you ready for this twist? Are you sure you’re ready for it? It seems even the most experienced political strategists are even a little surprised at President Joe Biden’s current . situation. It’s no surprise that Republicans are questioning whether or not he can continue to lead our country. But now? Now even the big-money donors on the Dem side of things are chiming in — and they’re not happy.

The latest development in this unfolding drama comes from a top Democratic donor who has decided to hit pause on the money train until Biden is removed from the ticket. This isn’t just a case of donor fatigue; it’s a full-blown revolt wrapped in a velvet glove of “realism” (The Western Journal, 2024).

“This is realism, not disrespect,” the donor stated, in what might be the most polite way of saying, “It’s time to hang up the hat, Joe.” It’s like telling your grandpa he can’t drive anymore, but instead of taking away his car keys, they’re trying to take away the nuclear codes.

But let’s not mistake this for a simple case of ageism. The stakes, as our generous donor points out, are “far too high.” It’s almost as if they’ve realized that running a presidential campaign isn’t quite the same as a bingo night at the local community center.

This financial freeze-out isn’t an isolated incident. It’s part of a broader trend that’s sending shivers down the spines of Democratic strategists. The New York Times reports that numerous affluent Democratic contributors are now taking matters into their own hands, using their wealth as both carrot and stick to nudge Biden towards the exit (The New York Times, 2024).

These donors aren’t just closing their checkbooks; they’re opening new ones. Some are working to amass a war chest of up to $100 million for something called the Next Generation PAC. It’s like they’re planning a retirement party for Biden, but instead of a gold watch, they’re offering a golden parachute for the entire Democratic party.

But wait, there’s more! In a move that would make Shakespeare proud, some donors are playing kingmaker (or queen-maker) by maneuvering to promote their favored replacements. It’s like a game of political musical chairs, and they’re hoping Biden will be left standing when the music stops.

The president, however, seems determined to keep dancing. Despite criticism of his recent debate performance – which some likened to watching paint dry, if the paint could occasionally forget what color it was supposed to be – Biden has reiterated his intention to stay in the race.

This stubbornness has led to some donors issuing ultimatums that would make a mob boss blush. They’re threatening to withhold donations not just from Biden, but from other Democratic entities unless he steps aside. It’s the political equivalent of taking your ball and going home, except in this case, the ball is made of solid gold.

The White House, predictably, is in full damage control mode. They’re scrambling to respond to reports that Biden might be considering quitting, in what must be the most awkward game of “Will he or won’t he?” since Ross and Rachel in Friends (The Western Journal, 2024).

All of this leaves the Democratic party in a precarious position. They’re facing a potential funding shortfall that could make the Great Depression look like a minor economic hiccup. It’s almost enough to make you feel sorry for them. Almost.

But let’s not forget the real victims in all of this – late-night comedy writers. If Biden steps down, who will they turn to for their nightly dose of gaffe-related humor? Sure, there’s always the possibility of a Harris presidency, but let’s face it, “I’m speaking” just doesn’t have the same comedic potential as “You know the thing.”

In all seriousness, this donor revolt represents a significant challenge for the Democratic party. It’s one thing to face opposition from your political rivals; it’s quite another when your own supporters start heading for the exits. The message seems clear: it’s not just about winning the election; it’s about ensuring the party’s long-term viability.

The irony, of course, is that in their rush to push Biden aside, these donors risk creating the very instability they claim to be trying to avoid. A messy primary battle or a last-minute candidate switch could easily backfire, leaving the party in disarray just when unity is most crucial.

Moreover, this move by donors raises questions about the role of money in politics. While it’s nothing new for wealthy individuals to wield influence through their checkbooks, this direct attempt to force out a sitting president takes things to a new level. It’s a stark reminder of the outsized role that big money plays in our political system, for better or worse.

One thing’s for sure. None of us here envy Biden’s position. If he steps aside, he’s weak. If he stays, he runs the risk of completely alienating his supporter sand donors, destroying his campaign anyway. 

In short, the 2024 election cycle is going to go down in history. Make a bag of popcorn and kick back. This particular game of political chicken may just make the 2020 election cycle look like child’s play.

Do tell. What do you think of all of this drama? Shoot us an email with your comments. We’re interested in what you have to say!

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