Biden’s 2025 Budget Request Called “Liberal Wish List” by Republicans

( – On March 11th, Senate Republicans responded to President Joe Biden’s requested $7.3 trillion fiscal year 2025 budget, calling it “reckless” and saying it is a “liberal wish list.”

In announcing his budget request, Biden unveiled his plan to raise taxes on high earners and corporations and provide Ukraine with additional aid.

Florida Sen. Rick Scott slammed Biden’s budget proposal, saying that with more “inflation-fueling spending,” Biden seeks to add $6.4 trillion more to the national debt over the next four years. He said the budget requests “insult” Americans.

Texas Sen. John Cornyn said prices will increase more due to Biden’s “MASSIVE new taxes” for businesses “that make & sell what families need.”

Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy said Biden’s proposed budget shows Biden is unable to relate to Americans. He called it “a failure of leadership” that Biden has no plan for Social Security, rising energy prices, crime, or the border.

Missouri Sen. Eric Schmitt said the proposed budget disregards what struggling Americans need while calling for “a mishmash of liberal wish list items” and “$5 trillion in tax increases.” He said that in 2023, there was $4.5 trillion in revenue, yet Biden is asking for “$7.2 trillion” when the national debt is already around $35 trillion.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said the budget funds the far-left’s “radical wish list.”

Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker said Biden’s proposal would bring “weakness to every corner of the globe,” slamming the president for proposing to cut defense spending.

While Republicans spoke out against the proposal, Democrats spoke out in favor of it. Senate Majority Leader and New York Sen. Chuck Schumer said he supports Biden’s budget proposal, calling it “bold, optimistic and responsible,” adding that it will help “grow our economy.” Majority Whip and Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin also claimed the proposed budget would “improve our economy.”

According to the latest U.S. Treasury Department numbers, the national debt is just under $34.5 trillion.

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