WWII Bomb GOES OFF – City Hit Hard!

(USNewsMag.com) – An unexploded bomb from World War II suddenly blew up in the English town of Great Yarmouth last week, according to The New York Post. The explosion occurred while military crews were reportedly working to defuse it after a contractor discovered it on the third crossing over the River Yare.

Norfolk Police tweeted a video showing the moment of the incident and confirmed that no one was injured. Assistant Chief Constable Nick Davison said that public safety was always at the forefront of their decisions and the incident was part of the “final phase of a delicate operation.” 

Police reportedly formed 200-meter and 400-meter cordons, opening up most roads to the public. As police continued to assess the area for damages, Southtown Road remained closed. Residents have been allowed back into their homes. 

Thousands of unexploded bombs are reportedly still on the grounds of Europe from the Second World War. Allied forces dropped some 2.7 million tons of bombs on Europe, with about half of them dropped on Germany, according to the Smithsonian

After the war ended and reconstruction began, around 10% of bombs were discovered unexploded, including hand grenades. Every year for more than 70 years, 2,000 tons of these munitions are discovered in Germany. Since then, residents have been displaced. When a 4,000-pound “Blockbuster” bomb was trying to be defused by experts in 2013, 20,000 people in Dortmund were forced to leave their homes. 

There are also thousands of bombs still left behind in Wales after it experienced 743 air raids containing between five and 30,000 explosives. Wales played a pivotal role in the war because it offered undefended routes to the northwest of England in 1941, according to BBC News. Ministry of Defence (MoD) vehicles can still be seen traversing the roads to handle emergencies. 

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