World Leader Wants Masks to Return

( – Last week, French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne suggested that people should return to social distancing and masks in crowded places during the holiday season to prevent another pandemic.

Borne, who was appointed prime minister earlier this year, said over 40,000 cases of COVID were being detected every day, with hospitalizations increasing by nearly 10 percent. 22 percent of detected cases were in “critical care.” She said the country recorded 400 COVID deaths the previous week.

In addition, Borne said the new wave of COVID cases is a reminder that the virus hasn’t disappeared, encouraging a return to draconian restrictions once more.

“The epidemic strikes again, kills again,” she added.

In addition to COVID, Borne said the country’s healthcare system is facing additional pressure from influenza and bronchiolitis that could put further strain on the system.

In her “message of responsibility to citizens,” Prime Minister Borne called for social distancing, a return to masks in crowded areas, particularly on public transportation, and flu vaccinations.

“We all have a part and a role to play,” Borne said.

Borne encouraged the public to wear a mask when they are in a crowded “enclosed space” as an “act of solidarity” with healthcare workers. She said respecting “barrier gestures and vaccinations” when they have to be with family is the way the public can “help caregivers.”

Last week, France reported 37,264 new cases of coronavirus, a 19.7 percent decline from the previous week. Positive test results have also declined, with just 28.66 percent of tests coming back positive, a 26.88 percent drop from the previous week.

However, hospitalizations in France have risen fairly substantially. As of December 16, 24,173 people have been hospitalized with COVID, an increase of 9.57 percent from the previous week.

Intensive care cases increased by 17.35 percent, with 1,393 patients receiving treatment in intensive care facilities.

It seems that the virus is here to stay, and perhaps world leaders should encourage citizens to keep calm while staying safe and healthy in other creative ways that won’t risk their finances or mental health again.

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