Woke Agenda DESTROYED – Rogan’s Point Is PERFECT

(USNewsMag.com) – Joe Rogan, host of a popular podcast, recently criticized Target and Bud Light, claiming that many people in the United States had finally had enough.

He said that many prominent companies’ current far-left “woke” marketing, such as that of Target, had crossed a line into intolerable territory.

Rogan’s guest, stand-up comedian Theo Von, pointed out that large corporations are getting flak from the public for using woke messaging and suggested an app that would let users see where a company’s financial resources are being allocated politically.

Rogan retorted that it was happening already with all the woke stuff. Target, for example, recently lost billions in market value after customers protested the LGBTQ “Pride” clothing the store offered as appropriate for children.

He then said that it was evident that Bud Light’s woke issue had cost the company almost $20 billion. It’s “crazy,” Rogan said, that the company lost that much after redesigning their containers to reflect the values of the modern progressive movement.

Rogan said that they are now seeing this push-back phenomenon, which was previously unknown. He said Americans are saying they’re done and ready to act to put an end to what seems like a forced political agenda.

Rogan said he doesn’t want to see “weird clothes” when he walks into Target, and that he would rather not have all of that “strange woke talk” broadcast for everyone to see.

Critics of woke politics say the movement is using tactics similar to religious conversion to spread its message.

Comedian Von revisited his plan for the app during the conversation, saying it would reveal the political causes to which a corporation had donated in the past. Potential customers could then choose whether to do business with a company.

Target’s shares dropped 3.26 percent on June 9 and have lost almost $15 billion in worth since mid-May.

The value of the shares of Anheuser-Busch InBev has fallen by almost 15 percent since the beginning of the month of June, while revenues fell for the week ending May 27 by 23.9 percent from the same period a year earlier.

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